Writing Resources

Write About Dragons – Brandon Sanderson

These are a list of recorded lectures from the fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Watching these helped me with my own writing a lot and I recommend scrolling down to the 2012 lectures and starting there. 

Terrible Minds – Chuck Wendig

While I haven’t read any of Chuck’s novels (I know, I’m sorry!) I have read a lot of his writing advice which is very useful and written with a wit that makes it incredibly easy to read. There are lots of resources on his website and links to ebook, etc.

Writer’s Digest

A good mailing list with sometimes daily resources. They also have a web shop with some good books.

Recommended books on Writing:

Stephen King On Writing

A brilliant insight on the life of a writer by best selling writer Stephen King. The best, and most inspiring book I have read on writing. A definite read.

Ray Bradbury Zen in the Art of Writing

Another best selling writer. Packed with brilliant advice and encouragement. 

Neill Hicks Screenwriting 101: The Essential Craft of Feature Film Writing

Not just a book for screenwriting, but handy for prose as well. A good guide to making sure you’ve down your groundwork with plotting and character development.

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