Well it appears that the Black Library submission window is about to slam open again. This time I fully intend to embrace it. When I entered a submission last time, I submitted two stories, neither of which were my best work and both of them on the last day of the window.

I’ve done a lot of just writing since then. Rather than focussing on plots I have tried to drive a story through narrative.

I’m currently travelling on my way to Weymouth for a long weekend. So what I intend to do is spend the free time I have turning the scribbles in my notepads in to fully fledged prose.

When I’ve done that I will post them here for you perusal. Keep your eyes peeled and once again, thanks for reading.


Welcome to my new blog.

I will – as often as possible – be posting my writings up on here. They will vary from subject to subject but will most likely be fiction based.


Keep your eyes pealed and thanks for reading!