*Insert Clever Title*

So it’s time for a new blog as I attempt to keep things ticking over. The whole point of this is to keep me writing. In fact I’m currently sat here helping a student with some research, loudly tapping away while he delves into books that I have suggested. The sound of keys can either be really annoying or strangely soothing can’t they? Perhaps that’s just me…

Today, I’ve updated the ‘About’ section of the blog. Now you can find out who the hell I am and what I actually intend by this. It may come across as a little crazy. Well once you get to know me, if you don’t already you’ll realise that I’m, at the very least, pretty eccentric. So you’re in for an interesting ride.

As with most people who are keen on writing, I tend to keep notepads full of ideas and prose. As of today, about 5 minutes ago to be exact, I finally finished typing up the contents of my first notepad. Cue applause. Yes, that for me is quite an achievement. It means that many of the ideas I have had since I decided to seriously start writing have now taken a new, digital form. In a way this is a process of editing. First I scribble ideas in a completely incomprehensible style of handwriting in my notepad. Then I type them up; this requires a long process of deciphering as I attempt to understand what the hell I was trying to say. Naturally as things go from the notepad, to my brain, to my fingers, the digital world, they evolve, get edited and (hopefully) improved.

I like to think, so far I have some interesting ideas that I am working on. They vary from 40k, to original ideas. I would also like to work on Warhammer Fantasy story, but I haven’t scribbled anything for that yet. I’ll be back soon with a little bit more information on what these ideas are. I’ll also hopefully have another short story for your perusal in the next few days. The clock is ticking for that 30 June submission deadline. So as always any feedback on my previous stories is always welcomed.

Oops, there goes the proverbial school bell. Time for me to head off! Thanks for reading.