Fellow Writers/Competitors

Rob Knipe doesn’t do the internet. @RobKnipe

He has a blog that you must fill in yourself: here. He also, allegedly, writes science-fiction and fantasy. He may have a sense of humour, the jury is still out.

John C.P. Warner @JCPWarner

I don’t know what he writes…I can’t even read it, something about twockers. I think C.P. stands for “class prat”, I may be wrong.

Reece Dinn @GreedyDinn

Epic writer of Epic Fantasy. His world building is insane! If you ever meet him ask him to show you his notebooks. 

Laura Bennett @Losbennet

Fantasy writer who is working on pushing the boundaries of gender. 

Mark Steven Thompson @Catalyst1980

I met Mark at a Black Library Weekender and have been friends since. His writing and short stories encompass everything from Science Fiction to Literary Fiction. 

Brett Janes @brettjanes

Brett writes weird, but literary stories. Well worth checking out. 

Chris Hughes @ChrisHwrites

Writing a dystopian/political thriller that I absolutely love. Also writes great music reviews (although he hasn’t listened to my band!)

Gwyneth Tyrer @GwynethRuth

Gwyneth writes Crime Fiction set in Mid-Wales where the landscape and national identity is every bit as important as whodunnit. 

Ian P. Loftus @IanPLoftus

Ian is writing very a very interesting story with elements of historical fiction, which he describes as “Billy Elliot meets Cool Runnings.” Shortlisted for the Cinnamon Press prize.

Jordan O’Boyle @joboylee88

Jordan writes very clever psychological thrillers with a focus on the psychology of the characters.

Mary Jay @maryjoanna

Mary writes short stories encompassing all aspects of life and situations she has encountered. 

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